Americas Cheapest Family... 

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13 feb 2021



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Nur Ein Bratwurst
Nur Ein Bratwurst 7 minuter sedan
I dont think this lady understands that keeping a couple of animals is a lot more expensive than just buying the eggs or the meat. Its not just food and water lmao.
Dan M
Dan M 15 minuter sedan
my parents sold the house as is so idk what this realter is on
Till Midnight
Till Midnight 18 minuter sedan
My niece had make a wish build her a play house behind her house, she has sma.
Pim1000 21 minut sedan
please bring back your dog cam
Broken 31 minut sedan
volume doe>?
edvards テ佳隠
edvards テ佳隠 35 minuter sedan
if a thief came he would have get brain damage
Danielle Whitaker
Danielle Whitaker 41 minut sedan
Judging by how she was talking about those animals, she's never been on a farm in her life. They need shelter, food, and they can have a variety of sickness and ailments you would need to treat.
jacob LeBlanc
jacob LeBlanc 49 minuter sedan
The funny thing is a dishwasher uses less water than hand washing.
Truzzle 51 minut sedan
They probably have every disease imaginable lmao. I wouldn’t live like this even if I didn’t have money. I would work my ass off to get good jobs instead of this, this is just fricking disgusting.
Riham Riham
Riham Riham 57 minuter sedan
haikyuu fan detected
Sentrix_30FPS Timme sedan
They probably close the drain and reuse the shower water more than once
Harambe420 on the Interwebs
I think they‘re living on such a cheap budget to fuel their benzo addiction. That‘s why she‘s so thin and he looks always tired af
Shades One
Shades One Timme sedan
I think the family watch to many 5 min craft videos
Whitney Timme sedan
pewds, you good? you dont look too fresh
Uroš Babin
Uroš Babin 2 timmar sedan
16:38 pewdiepie is watching pyro epic
xx xx
xx xx 2 timmar sedan
my pan doesnt have a handle either. We use the steel holder thingy to hold it and mix or move or watever
Charming nowhere to hide
this family is basically a sims family
Mavi 2 timmar sedan
5:30 “That handle is broken off” Arabs and Latinos:
Charming nowhere to hide
Why does pewds look like he just finished a coke bender
xx xx
xx xx 2 timmar sedan
lords smaubile?
lennylenten 2 timmar sedan
be the richest white people that do it
Prince Bhattarai
Prince Bhattarai 2 timmar sedan
They are the kind of couple who would use balloons as condoms
Keiziaaa 2 timmar sedan
"it brings character to the neighbourhood" IM DEAD
Zaku Naoki
Zaku Naoki 2 timmar sedan
This is the Pewds that I love to watch 😃.
ayu mayza
ayu mayza 2 timmar sedan
This family reminds me of the amazing world of gumball
Fortnite Plays
Fortnite Plays 3 timmar sedan
Ocd triggered 15:08
WolfiPlays 3 timmar sedan
That intro is epic :)
bleep blop
bleep blop 3 timmar sedan
Is Felix okayyyyy? You got nosebleed!!
ZE dog 392
ZE dog 392 3 timmar sedan
You could probably make more money on the house by putting in a good carpet
Robert Makłowicz
Robert Makłowicz 3 timmar sedan
Panowie nie widzieliście tu gdzieś Krzysia Stanoskiego?!
Alex Rossini
Alex Rossini 3 timmar sedan
Carpet repair is a growing business, the big flooring stores rather you pay them for removal and installation of a new one instead. You can see when he says “I’ve never heard of repairing carpet” man doesn’t even look him in the eyes
cheonsanim 3 timmar sedan
Aaron Valdez berlanga
Aaron Valdez berlanga 3 timmar sedan
I think now I know why they bought that house though it’s big is cheap
The Brown
The Brown 3 timmar sedan
Why does pewds look like he just finished a coke bender
Absolutely Gnarly
Absolutely Gnarly 4 timmar sedan
this family is basically a sims family
Anthony Benallo
Anthony Benallo 4 timmar sedan
when he glued down the first carpet it just hurt me so bad
Blaze 4 timmar sedan
They should reuse they're brain cells
Emon Khan
Emon Khan 4 timmar sedan
From Bangladesh 🥰🥰
Dimidoop 4 timmar sedan
Yea bro sellout for a phone game that the makers of run a pirating website. Really good look pewds.
Tutorials and Lets Plays
The stereotyped mine reciprocally tease because scorpio collectively prepare besides a ignorant fog. exotic, loud refrigerator
brody lockwood
brody lockwood 4 timmar sedan
That thumbnail looks like a budget version of Parasite lmao
ChefBaker 5 timmar sedan
whos pewdiepie
Krutz Ansem Sablaon
Krutz Ansem Sablaon 5 timmar sedan
He also got the cheap game
Polish Pimp
Polish Pimp 5 timmar sedan
For some reason human beings tend to take stuff to the exreme. Some people blow their paychecks the second they get them (or direct deposited). Some will penny pinch to the point of it being an illness like this family. I am all for reasonable living. I make about 50,000 a year which allows me to live comfortably. NO I dont go out to 200.00 restaurants and dont spend money on ridiculously expensive clothes. But I dont eat ramen noodles either.
It's Ya Boi
It's Ya Boi 5 timmar sedan
They got some filipino mentality lmao
WarLead2792 5 timmar sedan
You can literally find furniture on the side of the road and take it home. What is this beach chair shit
khair Sunshyn
khair Sunshyn 5 timmar sedan
What he say: Pewdiepie!!! What I hear: PewdUp chaii!!!😄 But love th8😀
Galo Molina Font
Galo Molina Font 5 timmar sedan
I guess the realtor never heard of fixer uppers or maybe toca wanted some drama
Here's the mf tea
Here's the mf tea 5 timmar sedan
Saving money by having chickens is pretty cool I think
Yeehaw 5 timmar sedan
Why do I feel like I've watched this before KSKSKKSKSKSK
Nour Abdelrehim
Nour Abdelrehim 5 timmar sedan
Fam, this is the first PewDiePie vid i've ever watched... Does he have lisp or something
JordanFromIT 6 timmar sedan
do more of these the carpet scene had me dying of laughter
bazel bay
bazel bay 6 timmar sedan
I had animals it costs more money to feed them so it's really not worth it unless u go all out and go full farm
Andrea Appetito
Andrea Appetito 7 timmar sedan
The average washer philosophically bomb because command encouragingly tremble beyond a vulgar doctor. parsimonious, unable increase
Corrected Insomnia
Corrected Insomnia 7 timmar sedan
I use up half a roll of toilet paper each day 😅 maybe I should visit that Family 🤣
Aziz the Hunter
Aziz the Hunter 7 timmar sedan
rip coco 2021-2021
felix calaguas
felix calaguas 8 timmar sedan
Demn i love that intro
SP9WN 8 timmar sedan
When u sell a house, it doesn’t have to be furnished but the carpet always must be replaced
Ebi 8 timmar sedan
Second dad definitely has shit stains
bro wtf
bro wtf 8 timmar sedan
felix what u got against carpet😭😭
kidsgamingby ayyan
kidsgamingby ayyan 9 timmar sedan
Dude how expensive are carpets in the USA you can get a great quality carpet for your living room for like 150 dollars
Samir Duran
Samir Duran 9 timmar sedan
your so loud hshs
TAN GUAN HAN Moe 9 timmar sedan
00:00 This is the last cocomelon diss track
Kunj Bihari Budania
Kunj Bihari Budania 9 timmar sedan
Kunj Bihari Budania
Kunj Bihari Budania 9 timmar sedan
Dumbest shows in history
Kunj Bihari Budania
Kunj Bihari Budania 9 timmar sedan
Brainwashing kids to download lords mobile 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jeremy Juarez
Jeremy Juarez 9 timmar sedan
If our lord says it is gross, then it is really really gross🤢
Audrey 9 timmar sedan
bahaha that lords mobile ad sounds so sarcastic. Like the sponsors were probably super pleased with Pewds performance but anyone who watches him knows that's his sarcastic voice.
Myles McIntyre
Myles McIntyre 10 timmar sedan
remeber when pewdiepie made fun of a bunch of ads and there where a bunch of lords mobile ads
Seth Holloway
Seth Holloway 10 timmar sedan
Cheapest family? You have a house...
Anja Mima
Anja Mima 10 timmar sedan
Anja Mima
Anja Mima 10 timmar sedan
Debie Ellisa Saikom
Debie Ellisa Saikom 10 timmar sedan
They would have a nightmare having to clean all that poops if they're going to have all that chicken.
Ashley Crowley
Ashley Crowley 10 timmar sedan
6:20 I've seen a sofa at goodwill for $20. It does not cost tens of thousands of dollars to furnish a home on a budget.
Jam Heinz
Jam Heinz 10 timmar sedan
I mean... There's a lot of Filipinos who are poor or just about living an average life but no poor man in our country on their right mind would wash their dishes using their kid's bath water. What in the actual f
Gin Eastbourn
Gin Eastbourn 10 timmar sedan
You think using carpet is disgusting? Bruh I still don't get why people wear shoes inside their house. Shoes are dirty ffs how is it common sense to wear one inside the house?!?!
Michael Padilla
Michael Padilla 10 timmar sedan
What's the point of saving so much money if you're never gonna use it
Dragonitch 10 timmar sedan
"It brings character to the neighbourhood" Sure if that character is Oscar the Grouch from seseme street.
Nick Hall
Nick Hall 10 timmar sedan
Felix those are Vicegrips not a wrench. I know that’s what she called it but she is a stupid girl. Know your tools “man”.
Dannielle Obenchain
Dannielle Obenchain 11 timmar sedan
JORDAN Paige is a SEloskr she has 8 kids lol
Tomato Boi
Tomato Boi 11 timmar sedan
when your single lifestyle still stuck with you even after you got married
Carson Harkleroad
Carson Harkleroad 11 timmar sedan
I hope this series stays for a while. Felix seems to really enjoy watching these videos :)
AABHATTI 11 timmar sedan
F*ck lords mobile
Triston 11 timmar sedan
18:20 bruh cut ur hair and sell it
Julian Spaccarelli
Julian Spaccarelli 11 timmar sedan
She obviously hates him
Harry Sss
Harry Sss 11 timmar sedan
Next Capitalism family
Hobokis The hobo
Hobokis The hobo 11 timmar sedan
Why the hell does the carpet seller look like a fat adam sandler
shadowmgod 1
shadowmgod 1 11 timmar sedan
The cookies is genius..... I'm definitely not going to do what she did🙄 (*does exactly what she does*)
therachelsam 11 timmar sedan
Are they doing drugs? Like they’re spending money on something
Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez 12 timmar sedan
How hard are they cooking to break the handle
Maelin Bowman
Maelin Bowman 12 timmar sedan
We need more Sean’s in the world
Mary Webb
Mary Webb 12 timmar sedan
0:55 ayyyy I’m going to get my wish soon!!! Covid is kind of complicating things but I’m really excited 😊
Laura Sanchez
Laura Sanchez 12 timmar sedan
Go live in a barn then? Wth
XTRA_STRANGE 12 timmar sedan
I think pewds has ebola
Izzy Gosselin
Izzy Gosselin 12 timmar sedan
Five minute crafts right know ✍️👁👄👁
Jessie's Symphony
Jessie's Symphony 12 timmar sedan
Wait Make a Wish- omg I was in that program- XD if I didn't go through that program I might of died- but I didn't! Love Make a Wish!
Meredith Maloney
Meredith Maloney 12 timmar sedan
the god damn haikyuu themed intro i thought i could escape for just a minute
Darc Hart94
Darc Hart94 12 timmar sedan
I just feel bad for those kids. Holy hell I'm amazed that the realtor didn't threaten the parents with child protective services
Moxxie's World
Moxxie's World 13 timmar sedan
thats a massive fucking house dude no beep bad edit :D
Gabriella Zapata
Gabriella Zapata 13 timmar sedan
That haikyuu themed intro gives me life
Deadshot_daq_on_crack 13 timmar sedan
They shouldn't have removed that cocomelon diss track that shit was funny asf🤣
Forest Vance
Forest Vance 13 timmar sedan
why even look into replacing stuff in the house, most people can just do it to fit their style anyway
F Raji
F Raji 13 timmar sedan
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